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Sai Software IT and Business Solutions
IT Solutions ProviderSai Software provides comprehensive IT solutions for your business needs. Our core services include Cloud Computing, Online Marketing, Software Development, Web Hosting, Website and Wep-Application Development. We help our clients achieve their business objectives by ensuring cost-effective solutions while maximizing the efficiency of their information technology systems.

Apart from customizing your Tally, we can give you an Impressive Web-presence. We can provide E-Commerce Application to let you sell your products online. We can also integrate that E-commerce Website with Tally, so that all accounting records of your online business can be maintained in your Tally. An Innovative Web Development Company in Kolkata.

If you require a custom software for your business, we can build applications for you based on your analyzed requirements. Web-Applications, Software Development, Website Designing, Tally Customization and Integration, E-Commerce Website, Payment Gateway Integration, SMS Solution, SEO, Online Marketing, or E-Mail Marketing are some of the IT Solutions we provide. We can also mash-up all these to give you solution with competitive advange over your competitors.

With SAI Software as your Technology Partner we will work with you to get the job done. Our products will fit your organizational needs and drive your business in being customer centric and competitive. And the team having a keen aptitude for inventing the “better way” will address the challenges rapidly and effectively.

Tally Integration and Customization

Customized or Integrated Solutions provided by Sai Software ensures that any investments in your existing Software remains intact by seamlessly integrating information with new systems, technologies and custom applications within the enterprise.

To meet the challenges of the new business environment, information systems need to share information with each other as seamlessly as possible, providing real-time visibility of transactions across the entire enterprise and yet be flexible enough to accommodate the changing structure of the business. When more and more information needs to be shared across traditional business boundaries, the way you integrate your information systems and processes is what makes your business innovative and gives competitive advantage.

Our solutions try to reduce ‘Data Input Duplication’, which can not only save costs in administrative functions but also eliminate the possibility of human errors. We automate some of the business processes that were previously depended on manual data transfers between systems.

Our services are: Tally Installation, Training, Implementation, Customization, Data-Migration and Integration of Tally with other Software Packages. We take extra care in providing our specialized services which are completely User Friendly and Satisfying.

Website Designing, SEO, Online Marketing, SMS/Email Campaigns

In this Information Age everybody is using technology to find information. They do not just want to rely on third party to provide information, rather they want to discover the information first-hand. So, for today’s bricks and mortar business or for any business it is imperative that you must have an effective web-presence. Having a smart web-presence ensures that you are more visible and open for business.

Now a days, just having a website does not ensure more visibility over your competitors. Understand that even your competitor may have a website, and their website may be more well-designed or informative than yours. Businesses commit mistake when they do not give more value to their website. Their website is also a part of their business and require constant attention as much as your any opther important business tool. A business’s online Identity is their website. It brings contacts, business, and more leads.

Sai Software provides a complete Online Identity package, which Includes Website Desining, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SMS and Email Marketing. If you already have a website, we can redesign it, improve some more and give it a fresh look with greater visibility. Our Online Marketing/Email Campaigning solutions can give your business more boost, and allow it to reach out to the global customers.

Web-Development/Software Development

With the latest advancement in web-technology, your information, your businesses, your office need not be limited to a particular building. Not a long time ago, finding facts, generting business information or a report required you to either visit your office’s software or ask someone to mail you. Not anymore. You can put your business online. You can safely and securly put your data on the web, and get those fact, figure from anywhere in the world. No need to install any software, no worries about upgradation to all the terminals. Web-applications gives you the freedom to do your business from anywhere.

Your application is on the web. Any upgrades to your application will be visible everywhere thus eliminating any worries about upgrading terminal’s software. Your data is secure, your business is secure, and you can reach it as and whenever you require it.

Sai Software always uses latest technology and methodology to give you intuitive web-based application solutions. We develop software which can run in your LAN Environment, or on the web. Our applications are always designed while considering future growth. Our solutions are such that if tomorrow you wish to put your software on the web which was running in your LAN Environment, then the transition time can be as low as 30 minutes. Quick deployment, constant servicing, secure and fast applications.

E-Commerce Solutions with Online Payment Integration

Selling your products or services online is a simple and effective way of exposing your business to the global market virtually overnight. With the power of the Web, business owners can now sell just about anything online securely and with minimal effort which ultimately results in increased revenue and growth. Your E-Commerce Website is your 24×7 non-stop running Store or Business without the need for extra manpower.

Due to lack of time, more efforts required, we have become reluctant to go out and shop. In todays scenario, we prefer Online Shopping, E-Commerce which has taken precedence over traditional methods of trading. We provide latest, technologically more advanced, and secure e-commerce solution with online payment integration. With our expertise, your online business can flourish, and with proper strategy, it can even overtake your traditional method of business in terms of revenue and growth.

Our e-commerce initiatives improve sales performances, customer satisfaction, and marketing initiatives undertaken by a company. Whatever your business, Sai Software can help you market and sell your products and services through our e-commerce solutions.

We can also integrate your Online Store with your Tally to let you take advantage of Tally’s Advanced Accounting Features.