Tally.ERP 9 Support and Services

Any Great Machinery can break-down under rigorous usage, however efficient that machinery may be. But, business must not be stopped because of such breakdowns. You must keep it well-oiled and under constant servicing schedule to minimize breakdowns and any losses to your business.

Tally is a great Tool for your business, but anyone can face problems with Tally. You may be having problems with large size data, or perhaps too many users, slow network, slow transactions in Tally, Data Corruption. Whatever problems you may be facing, you cannot stop your business. The Business must go on. You must keep your most Important Business Tool well-oiled and under proper servicing schedule to minimize frequent problems with Tally, minimize loss of productivity and your business. We provide Tally Customization in Kolkata

SAI Software provides a comprehensive Tally Servicing Package to help you run your Tally under proper servicing regime. You let us take care of your Tally, and we will let your tally work smoothly. In case of any breakdown, our Instant Support Service will help you get your tally right on track in no time. Hassle free, peace of mind, constant support, and comprehensive services are our USP. Why don’t you use our Short Paid Service Trial Scheme to test us?

Experience of Over 10 years and more than 200 Implementations

As mentioned earlier, We offer a comprehensive package of basic and premium services that will give your business the added advantage – the advantage that will make you a ‘Power User’ of Tally. These range from technical services such as data migration, synchronisation services, implementation of new modules and basic customisation of invoices, to high-end application development on the Tally platform. We can help you derive benefits from Tally that can be well beyond what you have witnessed so far.

  • On-Site Training
  • On-Call & On-Site Service Support
  • Easy and Efficient Data Migration – We can help you in importing data from other software and also from older versions of Tally to the latest version.
  • Efficient Data Synchronisation between your head office and branch offices.
  • Tally Customization – Customised Reports, Invoices, Documents, Data Entry Screens etc.
  • Annual Service Contracts – An Annual Service Contract from us will provide you with the flexibility of having Regular Technical Support through Remote Access, Phone, Email or Personal Visits, round the year.
  • Implementation of Tally or New Modules and Products – We can help you implement and use various modules, products and value-addins such as VAT, eTDS, Service Tax, Payroll etc.

We offer the following Services:

List of some of our services:

  • Onsite Technical Support
  • Remote Access Support
  • Training on Product Usage
  • Statutory Setup – VAT, Service Tax, TDS, FBT, Excise etc.
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Data Synchronization setup – between Head-Office, Branches & Factories
  • Data Migration – from other Products
  • Tally Customization – Invoice, PO, Reports etc.
  • Integration with other Applications
  • Extending the Product functionalities to suit specific needs
  • Customizing Synchronization and Data Transformation
  • Implementing specific Controls and Constraints
  • Data Recovery & Correction
  • Password Recovery
  • Data Recovery
  • Tally.Net Services
  • Website Designing
  • SEO and Online Marketing
  • Web Application Development
  • Ecommerce Application Development
  • Business Process Optimization
  • IT Infrastructure Management Services